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Sacred Ray Candles

7 cierges Rayons sacrés
The sacred rays are a great help to stay centered in love and faith in life. They are also a support to chase away doubts and worries in order to return to "Self loves me". They bring more fluidity, serenity, calming and support in every daily situation. Calling upon the "sacred ray" of the day or situation allows one to return to the "Essence-Sky." You can use them to connect with Archangels or Ascended Masters

These candles are poured into consciousness on the day corresponding to the vibrational frequency of the ray of those powerful subtle energies which can be specifically invoked
You will find the pictures of the days of manufacture on the magicofcandles FB page.

Mini CANDLE: Height 8 cm diameter 4.5 cm; 80 g mineral wax, 8 hours of flame.

CANDLE: Height 14 cm diameter 4.5 cm; 120g mineral wax, 15 hours of flame.

Classic: Height 10 cm diameter 6 cm 250g mineral wax, 30 hours of flame.

Classic XL: Height 11 cm diameter 7 cm 350g mineral wax, 40 hours of flame.

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