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The full Moon

Magie des bougies invites you to make your own cleaning candles during a ritual adapted to each Full Moon. Pleine lune Consult the schedule of proposed dates.

Ancient civilizations worshipped the Moon as a Deity, due to its influence on the cycles, the tides, the oceans as well as the cycles of production, harvest, harvest, and also the fauna and flora.
There are several names given to the different Full Moons each month of the year and each Full Moon has its own qualities.

The Wolf Moon or Winter Moon in January is a cold Moon. It is the Moon of the mid-winter season and is associated with death.
It brings strength, protection. It is beneficial to all beginnings and conclusions. This is the time to plan your plantings, your projects for spring.

The Storm Moon is in February. The Native Americans called it "The Snow Moon", also known as the Life-Giving Moon. The Storm Moon gives strength and fertility. It is useful for facing life's challenges, accepting them and persevering. This is the perfect time for renewal and to let go of emotional and physical baggage that is no longer needed.

The Chaste Moon is in March. This last winter full moon occurs before the vernal equinox. Also called "Sugar Moon", Seeds or Worm. It represents the awakening of life, after the frost. Also known as the "Sap Moon", due to the rise of sap in the trees, thus restarting the nutrition process that plants need to bud.

This is a good time to bless your plants and herbs and to prepare the land for new seeds. The Chaste Moon brings success, hope, and is ideal for novelty. It is also useful for mentally preparing for new experiences. It is the sowing season and the symbol of the beginning of the new year. "Chaste" word to reflect the custom of greeting the new year with a clear soul.

The Seed Moon is in April
It is also called the "Egg Moon", a symbol of spring and rebirth. It is also known as the "Moon of the Winds". Coastal Native American tribes named this moon, the Full Fish Moon, in reference to the salmon coming up for spawning. The Seed Moon indicates the right time for fertility, growth, wisdom. It's the perfect time to take action.

The Moon of the Hare, or Strawberries is in May
Also called the "Flower Moon" in reference to the period of abundant flowering. It is also known as the "Moon of the Hare". It promotes health, love, wisdom, abundance.
The Wesak Full Moon Festival brings the divine blessing of Shamballa to Christ, which connects him to humanity through the divine hierarchy.

The Lovers' Moon is in June
The Lovers' Moon brings the energy of love, marriage, and success.

The Meadow Moon is in July
Also called "Thunder Moon" and "Lightning Moon", due to the frequent thunderstorms during this period.
The Meadow Moon brings happiness, health, success, strength. It brings the first harvests, the first results of the fruits of your labors.

The Herb Moon is in August
Named Red Moon (at this time of year the Moon can be red), or Barley Moon, see Seed Moon or Sturgeon, associated with ancestral fishing tribes indicating the ideal time for fishing. Persephone, Goddess of Agriculture, carries a sheaf of barley as a symbol of the harvest. The Herb Moon is favorable to abundance, agriculture, and marriage.

The Snow Moon is in November
Also known as the "Beaver Moon", or "Mourning Moon" or "Tree Moon".
The Snow Moon is the Moon of abundance, prosperity, and family and friendship bonds.

The Harvest Moon is located in September
Also called the "Corn Moon" because it is at this time that the corn harvest takes place, close to the equinox.
The Harvest Moon brings protection, prosperity, and abundance for you or others.

The Blood Moon is in October
Blood Moon, so named because of its orange-blood red color that it takes on at this time of year. It is also called the "Hunter's Moon".
The Hunter's Moon is the moon of new goals, of protection, of resolve.
The night of the Blood Moon is a time to reflect on what you have accomplished during the year and evaluate your accomplishments.

The Oak Moon is also called the "Cold Moon" or the "Moon of the Long Nights", see "Oak Moon" It helps with healing and hope. It's a time for introspection. It's also a good time to let go of old habits and problems.

Special feature: The Blue Moon
It is also called the 13th Moon, "Moon of Goals" or "Moon of Witches".
This Moon appears every 2 1/2 - 3 years approximately, and corresponds to the second Full Moon in the same month.
It is a Moon that is conducive to any assessment and introspection that allows us to look back on our past projects and actions in order to learn from them and aim for more precise objectives.

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